Glen Balzer

171 Main Street, Suite 624
Los Altos, California 94022

phone: (650) 917-0703
fax: (650) 618-8692

Glen Balzer is a management and forensic consultant in marketing and sales. In Asia, he creates networks of manufacturers’ representatives and industrial distributors for American suppliers. In North America, he develops networks of representatives and distributors for Asian and American suppliers. He promotes conflict resolution between parties involved in representative, distribution, and purchase agreements. He assists manufacturers define and refine their supply channels. For 30 years, he has been involved with creating, upgrading, and managing marketing and sales organizations throughout America, Europe and Asia.

New Era Consulting, Los Altos, CA

President 1999 to present

Forensic and management consultant specializing in international and domestic marketing and sales.

  • Create and upgrade distribution and representative agreements tailored to meet specific needs of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers’ representatives.
  • Testify at trial, arbitration and deposition as an expert witness in cases between global suppliers, manufacturers’ representatives, and industrial distributors, on behalf of attorneys both plaintiff and defense.
  • Introduce American suppliers to manufacturers’ representatives and industrial distributors in Asia. Recruit American manufacturers' representatives and industrial distributors for Asian and American suppliers.
  • Provide support to suppliers during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Develop sales incentive programs for suppliers and distributors.
  • Define and refine manufacturers' supply chain strategies.

Sand Hill Angels, LLC, Menlo Park, CA

Cofounder, Board Director, CFO, Secretary and Treasurer 2000 to 2008

Co-founded a group of seed-capital investors with a focus on information technology and life sciences.

  • Screened hundreds of start-up business plans.
  • Registered several LLCs with all federal, state and local government agencies.
  • Managed relationships between investors and entrepreneurs during fund-raising.

Be Here Corporation, Cupertino, CA

President, CEO and Director 1998

Directed start-up company in development of imaging products for 360º photography used in remote viewing and teleconferencing, transmittable via the Internet.

  • Maximized resources and brought new technology into production stage by creating and implementing new strategic plan and system of fiscal discipline.
  • Recruited and hired key managers, and built an effective team among engineering, sales, marketing, and manufacturing units.
  • Designed innovative marketing plan for quickly introducing targeted industries to dramatic utilization of products.
  • Conducted all board meetings and developed solid working relationships with investors.

Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale, CA

Vice President, North American Sales and Marketing 1994-1998

Assumed full P&L responsibility for sales and marketing throughout North America, including logistics, finance, physical distribution, public relations, and quality assurance.

  • Restructured and led team of over 400 in improving service to strategic customers (IBM, Lucent, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Ford, Qualcomm, Sony, and Motorola) while lowering operating costs from 12 to eight percent of sales.
  • Drove public relations campaign that established brand-name awareness of Philips among end-users and significantly enhanced employee pride.
  • Grew revenues from $590 million to $870 million annually with no increase in headcount, and turned around a five-year decline in market share.
  • Integrated entire Western Digital division into Philips upon acquisition and merger.
  • Negotiated contracts with strategic customers, industrial distributors, manufacturers’ representatives, and contract equipment manufacturers, CEMs.
  • Led the North American sales and marketing team to become ISO-9001 certified.

Western Micro Technology, Inc., Saratoga, CA

President, Components Division 1994
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing 1993

Responsible for P&L and revenue growth of a $100 million industrial electronics distributor.

  • Returned organization to profitability after four consecutive years of losses. Grew revenue 34 percent during first full year.
  • Upgraded several management positions and instilled a “can-do” attitude nationwide.
  • Shifted focus from commodity to higher profit, value-added products.
  • Converted from a revenue-driven to a profit-driven incentive program, resulting in a seven-fold increase in corporate profits.
  • Negotiated distribution agreements with and added complementary suppliers to the line card.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

President and Representative Director, AMD Japan, Tokyo, Japan 1988-1992
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific Operations 1986-1991

Japan – Developed 140-person sales, marketing, design, programming, quality and test organization.

  • Grew revenues from ¥12 billion in 1987 to ¥26 billion in 1992.
  • Integrated MMI and AMD operations into a single entity throughout Japan upon merger.
  • Regularly participated in U.S.–Japan semiconductor trade negotiations.

Asia – Developed staff from 6 to 32 in four key Asian markets: Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and achieved a 61% compound annual growth in sales from 1986 through 1991.

  • Improved market share from less than one percent to more than five percent by customizing sales channel strategies to meet each country’s requirements.
  • Grew revenues from $10 million to $175 million in five years.
  • Consolidated MMI and AMD operations into single entity throughout Asia Pacific after merger.

Vice President, Strategic Sales 1985-1988

Created strategies, business plans, and tactics to increase market share with the world’s largest users of semiconductors.

  • Focused sales resources on six North America-based strategic customers and managed Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-Packard, IBM and ITT account development in Europe.
  • Developed and strengthened strategic alliances through semi-custom product offerings.
  • Improved AMD’s service perception for delivery, electronic data interchange, returns policies, change notification procedures, and guaranteed lead times, during a time of rapidly rising customer expectations.
  • Rationalized MMI and AMD strategic sales organizations into single entity after acquisition.
  • Negotiated all product and several technology contracts with strategic customers.

Vice President, North American Sales 1984-1985

Responsible for all OEM and distributor sales throughout 35 eastern states and Canada.

  • Developed a team of 60 professionals in 18 locations that generated $250 million in consumption and grew sector sales by more than 65% in 1984.
  • Led contract negotiation with AMD’s largest North American customers.
  • Refined AMD’s distribution strategy while managing distributor relationships.
  • Managed a network of manufacturers’ representatives throughout 35 eastern states & Canada.

Director, Strategic Sales 1982-1984

  • Achieved dramatic increase in annual sales from $40 million to $260 million.
  • Negotiated contracts with all North American strategic customers.
  • Developed and implemented a rigorous On-Time Delivery program worldwide.

Northwest Area Sales Manager 1977-1982

  • Managed direct & distribution sales throughout northwestern 10 states and western Canada.
  • Grew sales from $12 million in 1977 to $101 million in 1982.
  • Managed seven manufacturers’ representatives organizations.

Regional and District Sales Manager, Beverly Hills 1974-1977

  • Managed half of Southern California sales through a network of four industrial distributors.
  • Coordinated OEM sales to AMD’s largest military customer, Hughes Aircraft, at all locations.
  • Managed the Los Angeles manufacturers’ representatives throughout Southern California.


  • M.B.A., California State University, Sacramento, 1973.
  • B.S.E.E., California Polytechnic State University, 1971.


  • Vietnam Service Medal and National Defense Service Medal, 1965.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Member, 1971-2002.
  • United States Navy Reserve, Lieutenant (junior grade), 1975.
  • American Management Association, Member, 1978-2008.
  • Semiconductor Industry Association, Japan, Director, 1988-1992; Chairman, 1990; Vice Chairman, 1991.
  • SIA Telecom Committee, Founding Chairman, 1990-1992.
  • International Semiconductor Cooperation Center, Tokyo, Director, 1988-1992.
  • American Electronics Association, Tokyo, Executive Committee Director, 1988-1992.
  • American Marketing Association, Member, 1991-2010.
  • San Antonio Hills, Inc., Board Director since 2002. Treasurer since 2014.
  • Professional and Technical Consultants Association, Professional Member since 2003.
  • Silicon Valley RoundTable Chapter, National Association for Business Economics , 2003-2014.
  • Forensic Expert Witness Association, Member since 2003; Secretary and Treasurer, Northern California Chapter, 2004; Vice President, San Francisco Chapter, 2005; National Board President, 2005; National Board Director 2008-2012. Secretary and Executive Committee Member, 2010-2011; National Vice President, 2011. Advisor to the San Francisco Board, 2013-2014.
  • Institute of Management Consultants USA, Professional Member since 2004.
  • EverFile Systems, Inc., Member of the Advisory Board since 2006.
  • Business Marketing Association, Member, 2006-2014.
  • American Bar Association, Associate Member, 2007-2014.
  • HT MicroAnalytical, Inc., Member of the Advisory Board, 2007-2009. Board Director 2009-2012. Compensation Committee 2010-2012.
  • IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley, Member since 2009.
  • Kiara Technologies, Inc., Director since 2011.
  • Union Semiconductor, Inc., Member of the Advisory Board since 2013.
  • Medizone International, Inc., Board Advisor, Marketing, Distribution & Sales, 2012-2017.


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